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Brief Information about WAM METEL System:

The AIS spol. s r.o. company has been developing and implementing systems for measurement of synchophasors since 2000. At present, the WAM system METEL is available as a third generation synchrophasor measurement systems. The system comprises all levels starting from measurement in switching stations, data concentrators, central station with long-term data archive and user-friendly client workstations. Analytic and expert functions are also available.

The METEL system in full configuration with eight PMU units is implemented in a verification operation since January 2011. The system operation can be monitored on-line from a distant user workplace. The long-term verification operation of the system is implemented in the distribution network 110 kV.

A short-time verification operation and testing was performed in 2007 in the transmission network 400/220 kV.

The system is based on measurement and processing of three-phase synchronous phasors of voltage and current. The METEL-PMU units used for measurement in the system measure the synchrophasors at fifty times per second rate i.e. with 20ms period. The units conform to the international standard IEEE C37.118:2005 and they are fully comparable with other PMUs meeting the same standard. The entire system is flexible and another user-specific functions and application can be tailor made in the case of implementation of PMU/WAMS in the specific networks.

The data from individual PMUs are sent to the central station where they are processed in real time and archived. All communications meet the above stated standard. A phasor data from other electric systems can be also processed in the system and the central station can send and receive data from a dispatcher control system.

The system functions allow to process and monitor data according to various user requirements e.g. monitoring of quick dynamic transient actions or slowly changing states of network components like line parameters. User can work on-line or export data for processing in other systems.

The outputs of individual software applications are visualized in the user client workstations connected to the central station.

The system is designed as open for all-level cooperation with components or systems supplied by other suppliers and for effective complement of the control system functions.

There are a number of functions and applications available in WAM METEL system, e.g.

Some of the above stated functions are developed both for distribution and transfer networks, other functions are determined for transfer networks.

The AIS Company offers also a demonstration of on-line operation of WAM METEL system in 110kV network using a distant user workplace.

Typical scheme:

All WAMS levels architecture implementation:

Basic features of METEL:

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